When Is The Best Time To Open a Small Business?

             When is the best time to open a small business ?

Spring time, of course

Summer – everyone is out and about

Definately just before the holidays

January; 1st month of the year

        Well, you guessed it, all of these and any of these are the

                                     the best time ….if –


You’ve done your homework (research and more research)

You have your funding in place – do you know how much you’ll need 

Online business – is your idea trending 

Is your niche a solid one

Brick & Mortar – have you secured the optimum location

Do you need or have a partner

Employees – how do you find them

Chosen the right legal entity

Addressed tax and licensing issues  

Evaluated the competition

Discussed with your family

Know where to go when you don’t know where to go

Do you have an exit stratergy….should you 

Are you ready ?  Are you ?  Now ?   Is now the right time ?  In the end only you or your team can make that decision. The number of factors are many and they vary according to the type and size of new startup.  Is yours a one person business or will you be a corporation with many employees and a corporate board ?

Well there are so many questions, so many important decisions that it may seem that your idea may never get off the ground. Many don’t, usually for a good reason. Most often owing to the fact that they don’t have or know the answers to one or more of the questions posed above.

Let me provide you with a resource for an affiliate marketing program which I recommend whether you are a newbie or a veteran looking for the best group available – CLICK HERE & ENJOY !

We Know Everything.……not even close but we know where to go to get the info and help you need. So if you have a question or are in search of some help or direction please look us up www.best100smallbusinessideas.com or send an email to mikeatoz@best100smallbusinessideas.com

2 thoughts on “When Is The Best Time To Open a Small Business?”

  1. Thank you very much for your referral to Wealthy Affiliate!.. I have just recently created an account and a strong foundation for my first online business . This is all thanks to your amazing review and recommendation. I have had experiences with fraud affiliate programs, but I can truly say that the wealthy affiliate is an amazing online platform that provides you with all you really need with an amazing community .

    How long do you think it takes to start earning a full time passive income?

    1. Hi Solomon – Thanks for checking out my blog.  There are so many ways to answer your question of how long it will take to earn some money.  Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a great way to earn a good income.  It is like so many things in that the harder you work, more time invested will speed up your earnings.

      I would set daily goals to keep moving in the right direction.  If you apply yourself 3 months should be enough time to start to see the money come in.  Real money – pay the rent – money is going to take longer …perhaps a year or more; it’s up to you.

      If I can help in any way let me know.  Thank you – Mike

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