Should you start a small business ?

Are you insane ?  You’ll be on your own. What if something goes wrong ? Do you have any idea what you’re getting yourself into ? It’s just way, way too much work.  Are you aware how many small business start ups fail ?  Don’t you know that….. pick one….. 90 %, 50%, 63%, 31% or 109% of small businesses fail.

Scary ? Can be.

Can you do it ?  Maybe.

Should you try ?  Definitely !

Well the only percentage that we know for sure is that 100% of the people that don’t try fail.  If you’ve found this page then you have thought about starting your own business.  Has it been just recently, last year ….or perhaps it’s been a decade.

What should you do ?  You should do your homework.  Research, research and research some more.  Make your mistakes on paper.  Ask questions, seek experienced advice, talk to the people that are doing what you’d like to do.  

Folks love to help.  Most people that own a small business are very proud of what they have built.  They want to share their successes and, believe it or not, most will even share their mistakes. Why not learn from their mistakes before it costs you time and money ?

Please read my “about me” page.  I have a lot of experience, I have enjoyed both exciting triumphs and crushing set-backs.  Just writing that makes my tummy ache, it truly does and I don’t want your tummy to suffer needlessly.  

What I remember most clearly,however, and think about more frequently are the good times.  The little things that made a big difference and the even smaller things that accumulated over time and have had a huge impact.

I love small business.  I love small business people.

Sure there is money to be made; sometimes a great deal of money but more than anything I love the way of life, that feeling of accomplishment that comes along each day as you grow your business.

We are here to help.  You’ll find many links over the coming months that will educate, direct, and guide you along your path to small business success.

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