Can’t Write ?

Writing is an art that can be learned. To write well you must practice. If, for instance, you compare writing to running it may be easier to understand the
effort necessary to become a good writer.

A child will be quite clumsy while learning to walk, then run, then run well and perhaps to run professionally. So, yeah, writing is exactly like that….

I say that, only to say this; some of us will never run well, run fast or, egads, make a buck running. You can practice, become an acceptable runner but you may find yourself working three times as hard as the person next to you to acquire the same result.

If this is you, it’s probably wise to make better use of your time and let someone else write (or run) for you. You may be able to do what you do best and then afford to pay a writer to work for you.

Where Are The Great Writers ?

My favorite source for great writers is AWAI – Americahn Writers & Artists Inc. I love this group because they do it all. I am a member, use their services and have become a better writer because of my association with AWAI.

You can have them work for you or you can learn from them and not only write your own content but also get paid to write for others !

With AWAI helping you, you can:

  • Learn how to write actionable B2B emails
  • Target the customer of your choice
  • Writing Content (Copy) – Basic formulas
  • How To Write A Blog – One Main Idea – Solve A Problem
  • Make a great living as a writer
  • Find tools and templates for web writing success

There is so much more and you really should check them out :

Another group that you can turn to for help is h 

Freelancer can help you find a copy writer in your field. Their program brings together professional writers and those that need help. If writing is your thing then Freelancer is where you can meet new clients everyday of the week.

Here at we love to seek out new opportunities and ideas. We also love to write and play with the english language. If you need help with your content please contact me and perhaps I can help.

You may find that your real niche is as a writer ! And now you know where to polish your skills and find your customer base.

30 thoughts on “Can’t Write ?”

  1. The American Writers Artists Inc and Freelancer which one is the best for learning how to write and also which one is the best when you want someone to write your content for you. I have been thinking of how am I going to cope with writing contents weekly to post on my website and I think this is the little fear I have now which I need to conquer.

    1. Kenechi, Hello – AWAI would be my 1st choice, however, even before that please reach out to me and I’d like to help you – no charge – to get you pointed in the right direction.

      Thank You – Mike

  2. Hi Mike Antonowicz,

    First of all I was disappointed about writing quality content. But after reading your article I got inspiration and understood that I need a lot of patience and learn all of the strategies for blogging and thus establish a on line business through continuous quality content writing. I am going to bookmark your site and to read more on this topic from best100newbusinessideas site. Thanks for providing such informative knowledge.

    1. Hi Humayra – Your heart is on the page and THAT is a skill that cannot be taught, so I feel you are in a great begin with.

      I have a second site you might want to take a look at –  I have been away from my desk for a bit but will get more involved and hopefully more able to help folks that need it.

      Thank You -Mike

  3. This is short and straight to the point article.  Initially I thought I could not be able to write a blog until I wrote and the article was well received. One important thing to remember when writing a blog is to write for your audience and and write from the heart.  I have learnt to write as if I talking to the  person in front of me and this way helps me to write with flow.

    1. In the world of 2019 I agree most writing should follow along the path of a casual conversation; as though you were speaking to the person next to you on a bus……unless, of course, he is 400 pounds and sitting in his seat and half of yours!

      Thak you for the feedback – Mike

  4. An interesting post, Mike.  Writing, as you say, is a skill that can be developed well and there are many very good writers out there who are eager for the work.  It’s great that you can direct people to them.

    As a person who thinks with a pen in my hand, writing is not a big problem for me.  However, as a person who’s working on monetizing this blogging obsession of mine, I do wonder just how effective being a really good writer is in the scheme of making-money-online things.

    The real is a blog is just the face you put on your money-magnet, I think.  With the blog, you are trying to get people’s attention so they’ll look at what you have on-offer.  You try to ook them along down the trail to purchasing what they need from you and not from some other guy or gal.

    Thanks for giving me another thing to chew on….

    1. Hi Netta – Thanks for the feedback.  I truly hope you check out the website in my post; you can look around free and if you jump in they have money back guarantees.

      One area they cover – one we both are very interested in – is making money with your writing.  If you enjoy writing it only makes sense to earn a little cash along the way.

      Bye – Mike

  5. This is brilliant.  Thank you author 

    Writing  is an art and skill . But still, it can be learnt and improved  on as said by this writer. 

    I’ve  be trying  to write for long time but I couldn’t  find my way around it until  I met a friend (freelancer )  on LinkedIn. He helped me, he’ll  give me a topic to write on, mark and correct the mistakes and encourages  me to write on that with time  I’ll  get there. I now enjoys  writing  now because  I practice  it everyday  as said in this article.  

    practice  makes perfect. 

    Thanks you 

    1. I appreciate your reply and thoughts.  You have found a mentor and that is terrific; a fun and interesting way to learn.  Practice may not make all of us perfect but it won’t hurt !

      If I may be of help please let me know – Mike

  6. This is a good post for people that think that they can’t write. Most people find they can over time, even if it is not something that comes naturally. I have run into people that just seem to have a natural talent and can write flowing articles, reviews, or even books…

    For the rest of us, writing is a bit more work, and some training can help get the basics down so it becomes less of a chore. In my case, I had a lot of training over the years by being thrust into jobs and leadership positions that required different styles of writing.

    I had not heard of the one option you provide, the American Writers and Artist Inc. site. I will check into that because I believe that you can always learn something new. I also think it helps to get some feedback from other writers, as they will have a different perspective on your creations that can help the final product.

    Most people CAN write, they just think they can’t. Getting some help makes a lot of sense, people are still reading content, video has not taken over the internet totally yet!    

    1. Hi Dave – I really enjoyed your comments, perhaps because we are of like minds.  I think if the desire is there we can improve in most everything we do.  Writing a little every day s a great way to move forward quickly.

      People that work mainly in the video realm still need verbal content and if written well beforehand it will play well on their videos.

      Thanks Again – Mike

  7. I am a freelancer and I currently focus on writing resumes and cover letter. However, creative writing is what has always fanned the embers of my curiosity. I think it takes a special kind of ingenuity to write from scratch with that extra creative edge. In my opinion, it’s difficult to come up with a fictional creative writing as you need some cutting edge to make sure your stories are relatable. However, non fictional stories are a little easy to write.

    1. Hi Ennymatics – You do, indeed, write well. If you can have your reader “get” your message then you have done your job.  Thanks Mike

  8. I remember when I started writing my first article. It was a mess, a real mess. English is not my native language and this made things even worse. But it’s all a matter of practice. The first time it will suck, probably the second and the third. But at some point slowly things improve. The secret is not to be discouraged by it and soon you will find yourself writing even more than what you were planning to.

  9. writing is a very great deal if one gets it properly, am not a good writer and i am seriously facing lots of issues on that because i am presently working on my website and i am very glad about the content of this post because it really motivates me that i can still learn how write and i will try doing that

    1. Hello Oluwakay – I think you are a better writer than YOU think.  It’s about getting your message across and you have done that.  All I could suggest is to start with your end goal in mind –  what do you want your reader know – now tell them.  Thanks Mike

  10. From the beginning am not a good writer,and this make me pass my words that involves writing to someone else to do it for me. Practicing and knowing how to write is a good thing because you will have confidence in your writing and work. you will not have to give your work to outsider to do and it save time. I will really appreciate it. If you can direct me to where I can learn more about writings

    1. Hi Ajibola – Thanks for the reply.  You can certainly benefit from either source I mentioned in this article.  It’s free to take a look and try out.  

      Practice is the key to improvement.  Pick something you are passionate about, perhaps medicine or soccer, and just write about it as if you were composing a letter to a friend.  It will flow freely from your mind to your keyboard and then you can read it and play with the wording.

      Let me know if I can help.  Be happy to.

      Good Luck – Mike

  11. Hi, you have given some insight into writing blogs and use of expert writers / freelancers.My problem is knowing what content to put in at the appropriate time. I guess it comes with practice and confidence. 

    Are these two you’ve recommended priced quite reasonably in comparison to that niche? I will definitely follow your site for more tips on writing! 

    1. Hi Joanne – Practice certainly improve your writing, however, don’t make a chore out of it.  You can practice by writing letters or emails to friends and family or writing in a journal – it all helps.

      Check out the AWAI program, it’s free to try out and look around and if you do get involved everything is 100% guaranteed.

      Best Of Luck – Mike

  12. Thanks for this post, Thanks for providing great insights into this. In my own opinion writing has never been a big task for me. I get inspirations easily and try to put down anything that comes to my mind first then develop the points later. I will recommend Freelancers for any newbie. 

    1. Thanks for the comment Clement.  Writing doesn’t have to be difficult.  Write what you care about, get your message to your reader and that’s it! So, like you said not a big task for most.  

      Freelancer is a good site to poke around on and to get a feel for what people are paying for various projects. 

      Good Luck – Mike

  13. Hello…

    I have read your article, I found it very helpful for me, I am inspired about writing, you told very true that writing is exactly like child’s learning to walk. actually our life journey also like that, if any one follow your article he/she will must get inspiration to develop his life. Thank you very much for write this type of article.

    1. Hi Selim – Thanks for the reply – The key to good and effective writing is getting your message to the people you’re trying to reach.  You have done that – message delivered.  Thank You

  14. Hi! I initiated working online and was frightened about writing in English. I had never done this before, and I believe it’s natural to feel that way.

    After writing for a few months, I started to gain confidence. And at the present, I know that I still commit a lot of mistakes, but I’m happy with my progress. But I want to continue improving. Thank you for pointing out the American Writers Artists Inc and Freelancer. I’ll join both to continue learning.

    1. Hi Henry – I think your writing is clear and easily understood.  AWAI is a great group and can help you if you want.  I would also suggest GRAMMARLY – it’s a free tool that I use with everything I write.  Takes care of all the common errors we all make.

      Thanks – Mike

  15. I love the Illustration you used in comparing  learning to walk and learning to write. Nice article you’ve got here, i must confess!. Thanks for introducing me to AWAI – Americahn Writers & Artists, (though i never heard about them before reading your post). Am interested in learning from them and not only tthat but to write my own content and get paid as i write for others ! Thanks once again for this eye-opener. I Will love to get more of your subsequent posts.

    1. Hi Dapoach – Thanks for the comments.  There is a great story in each of us, it’s the telling that is the hard part but if you write about something you care deeply about it will show.

      AWAI has a free trial and provides some terrific info for both new and experienced writers.

      Best of luck to you – Mike

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