About Me

My name is Michael.  I am a retired small business man. Over the past 45 years I have owned or been a partner in 4 small businesses.  In that time I have had as few as 1 (me) employee and as many as 50 (restaurant) employees.  I have also been in sales or marketing for a number of companies during this period.

I love small business.  There is no better place to be in America and it’s most likely true anywhere on the planet.  It is very difficult to open and grow a small business.  You have to be very determined and ready to give your schedule over to your business as it matures ….if you take care of your business early on it will take care of you !  There is much to learn in and about every business but the key is YOU.  In small business You make it happen.

I can help you.

I’d love to help you.

Most of what I will share with you is free – no charge.

I will try to never lead you astray.  Are there costs and expenses ?  You bet.  The federal, state, county, city and towns all want a piece of what you’ll generate ….that’s life, that’s business and yeah – that’s the American way.  Most entities have start up costs; they can range from $10 on up into the million$. The good news is that there are people and institutions willing to help you get started …..What a country !

As a small business person you are leading the way for your fellow citizens; YOU are the pioneers of your time.  You want success, I want to see you succeed, your friends, neighbors and family are counting on you and with the right help and your determination you can’t help but to fulfill your dreams.