Classified Ad Affiliates

Classified Ad affiliates are out there and people are making some serious money! In addition to placing FREE ADS yourself to bring eyes and clicks to your site you can also make 50% recurring monthly commissions by helping other marketers.

Classified Submissions has so many great traffic producing avenues- take a look –

  • Classified Ad Submissions are an easy sell
  • Earn $100’s from one customer alone
  • Free sign up
  • Recurring monthly commissions
  • Unlimited Market – thousands of people post classified ads daily
  • Great banners and sales material
  • Satisfied customers stay on your list and recommend others
  • Re-brand their free ebook with your affiliate link
  • Multiple autoresponders follow up on your leads and the link remains yours
  • No waiting. Get started immediately.
  • Your referrals remain yours for 1 year and upon signing they are yours forever.
  • Great support and affiliate tips.

Classified Ad Submissions couldn’t be hotter! Thousands of dollars of commissions paid out every month. It’s all there for you affiliate marketers and it couldn’t be any easier. Do yourself a favor by helping other affiliate marketers prosper and grow their business.

Professional banners, time tested sales letters and great support staff to help you help others.


People understand classified ad marketing, it’s been around since there were newspapers and flyers. The program appeals to every market and is a great seller. Jump in, spread the word and the wealth.

CTFO – CBD Products & More

CTFO is a rising star in the CBD industry. In a highly charged and oft written about category the company – CTFO has risen above many i the field.

We are talking about 100% US grown and processed hemp. Take the worry out of the products origins and multiple handlers as it makes it’s way to your home by dealing direct with CTFO for your CBD products.

You can become a major part of the process if your interest takes you further and you’d like to become a partner in their very profitable affiliate program.

Click Here To See CTFOs affiliate program.

With a vast array of products and tremendously organized affiliate program they stand ready to capture significant market share.


  • CBD Gummies
  • Total CBD Wellness capsules
  • CBD Hemp oil sprays – anti-anxiety & sleep aid
  • Weight loss & skin care
  • Energy Blast
  • Pure hemp CBD oil drops
  • Pain Relief
  • Massage oils
  • CBD hair growth
  • CBD Pet health & wellness products
  • Wrinkle remover
  • Anti aging creams

My wife and I have CTFO products on our shelves at home and while we haven’t used every product those that we have are doing exactly what they were designed for. I have struggled to get a good nights sleep for several years and now it’s no longer an issue !