Can’t Write ?

Writing is an art that can be learned. To write well you must practice. If, for instance, you compare writing to running it may be easier to understand the
effort necessary to become a good writer.

A child will be quite clumsy while learning to walk, then run, then run well and perhaps to run professionally. So, yeah, writing is exactly like that….

I say that, only to say this; some of us will never run well, run fast or, egads, make a buck running. You can practice, become an acceptable runner but you may find yourself working three times as hard as the person next to you to acquire the same result.

If this is you, it’s probably wise to make better use of your time and let someone else write (or run) for you. You may be able to do what you do best and then afford to pay a writer to work for you.

Where Are The Great Writers ?

My favorite source for great writers is AWAI – Americahn Writers & Artists Inc. I love this group because they do it all. I am a member, use their services and have become a better writer because of my association with AWAI.

You can have them work for you or you can learn from them and not only write your own content but also get paid to write for others !

With AWAI helping you, you can:

  • Learn how to write actionable B2B emails
  • Target the customer of your choice
  • Writing Content (Copy) – Basic formulas
  • How To Write A Blog – One Main Idea – Solve A Problem
  • Make a great living as a writer
  • Find tools and templates for web writing success

There is so much more and you really should check them out :

Another group that you can turn to for help is h 

Freelancer can help you find a copy writer in your field. Their program brings together professional writers and those that need help. If writing is your thing then Freelancer is where you can meet new clients everyday of the week.

Here at we love to seek out new opportunities and ideas. We also love to write and play with the english language. If you need help with your content please contact me and perhaps I can help.

You may find that your real niche is as a writer ! And now you know where to polish your skills and find your customer base.