Classified Ad Affiliates

Classified Ad affiliates are out there and people are making some serious money! In addition to placing FREE ADS yourself to bring eyes and clicks to your site you can also make 50% recurring monthly commissions by helping other marketers.

Classified Submissions has so many great traffic producing avenues- take a look –

  • Classified Ad Submissions are an easy sell
  • Earn $100’s from one customer alone
  • Free sign up
  • Recurring monthly commissions
  • Unlimited Market – thousands of people post classified ads daily
  • Great banners and sales material
  • Satisfied customers stay on your list and recommend others
  • Re-brand their free ebook with your affiliate link
  • Multiple autoresponders follow up on your leads and the link remains yours
  • No waiting. Get started immediately.
  • Your referrals remain yours for 1 year and upon signing they are yours forever.
  • Great support and affiliate tips.

Classified Ad Submissions couldn’t be hotter! Thousands of dollars of commissions paid out every month. It’s all there for you affiliate marketers and it couldn’t be any easier. Do yourself a favor by helping other affiliate marketers prosper and grow their business.

Professional banners, time tested sales letters and great support staff to help you help others.


People understand classified ad marketing, it’s been around since there were newspapers and flyers. The program appeals to every market and is a great seller. Jump in, spread the word and the wealth.

CTFO – CBD Products & More

CTFO is a rising star in the CBD industry. In a highly charged and oft written about category the company – CTFO has risen above many i the field.

We are talking about 100% US grown and processed hemp. Take the worry out of the products origins and multiple handlers as it makes it’s way to your home by dealing direct with CTFO for your CBD products.

You can become a major part of the process if your interest takes you further and you’d like to become a partner in their very profitable affiliate program.

Click Here To See CTFOs affiliate program.

With a vast array of products and tremendously organized affiliate program they stand ready to capture significant market share.


  • CBD Gummies
  • Total CBD Wellness capsules
  • CBD Hemp oil sprays – anti-anxiety & sleep aid
  • Weight loss & skin care
  • Energy Blast
  • Pure hemp CBD oil drops
  • Pain Relief
  • Massage oils
  • CBD hair growth
  • CBD Pet health & wellness products
  • Wrinkle remover
  • Anti aging creams

My wife and I have CTFO products on our shelves at home and while we haven’t used every product those that we have are doing exactly what they were designed for. I have struggled to get a good nights sleep for several years and now it’s no longer an issue !


Can’t Write ?

Writing is an art that can be learned. To write well you must practice. If, for instance, you compare writing to running it may be easier to understand the
effort necessary to become a good writer.

A child will be quite clumsy while learning to walk, then run, then run well and perhaps to run professionally. So, yeah, writing is exactly like that….

I say that, only to say this; some of us will never run well, run fast or, egads, make a buck running. You can practice, become an acceptable runner but you may find yourself working three times as hard as the person next to you to acquire the same result.

If this is you, it’s probably wise to make better use of your time and let someone else write (or run) for you. You may be able to do what you do best and then afford to pay a writer to work for you.

Where Are The Great Writers ?

My favorite source for great writers is AWAI – Americahn Writers & Artists Inc. I love this group because they do it all. I am a member, use their services and have become a better writer because of my association with AWAI.

You can have them work for you or you can learn from them and not only write your own content but also get paid to write for others !

With AWAI helping you, you can:

  • Learn how to write actionable B2B emails
  • Target the customer of your choice
  • Writing Content (Copy) – Basic formulas
  • How To Write A Blog – One Main Idea – Solve A Problem
  • Make a great living as a writer
  • Find tools and templates for web writing success

There is so much more and you really should check them out :

Another group that you can turn to for help is h 

Freelancer can help you find a copy writer in your field. Their program brings together professional writers and those that need help. If writing is your thing then Freelancer is where you can meet new clients everyday of the week.

Here at we love to seek out new opportunities and ideas. We also love to write and play with the english language. If you need help with your content please contact me and perhaps I can help.

You may find that your real niche is as a writer ! And now you know where to polish your skills and find your customer base.

Small Business Start Up Checklist

                       Small Business Start Up Checklist

Starting your own business has long been a dream of yours. So,of course, a small business start up checklist is the no-brainer place to begin.

Research your ideas or small business concept. Whatever you choose you must have a passion for your new business and a long term commitment…..who would want a short term business ? Your new business must check many boxes but first among them is your passion for the idea.

                                     No Matter The Business

  The Following Checklist Can Serve As Your Guide

  • What is your passion ? Can you make a business out of it ?
  • Is there competition ? if there is… is a good sign; you’re not alone in thinking the idea is a good one.
  • Where will it take you in one year, Three or five years ? How will you measure if it is successful for you ?

         Market Research –

The Key For Small Business Start-ups

    • What need will your business fulfill ?  Does it solve a problem ?
    • Who is your target customer ?  Go beyond picturing them; research who is supporting your competitors.
    • How will your offering be better or improve upon the competitions ?
    • Research, talk to and study successful people in your niche
    • Design your businesses framework.and align your order of tasks to be done
    • Will you need a partner or employees ?
    • Set attainable goals

  Business Plan?

Provides Direction And A Road Map

  • Develop a concise (less than 2 minutes) verbal sales presentation – this will open some doors for you.
  • If you want to borrow money you’ll need a business plan; the more money the more detailed the plan will need to be.
  • Funds from family or friends ? A one-page plan should suffice (and is a very good idea)
  • Executive biography. Past accomplishments.
  • What is your company about ? Brief description of why your company will meet a need.
  • What products will you sell ? How will you source them ?
  • Marketing plans. Pricing your wares.
  • Outline your growth plan.
  • Provide the numbers – Money in / money out for years 1 through 5.

* for a good reference book  look here – Small Time Operator– by Bernard B Kamoroff

                Choosing A Name Or Brand

  • Think today and several years ahead. Bob’s Carpentry may fit today but not in 5 years when you’re developing entire neighborhoods. Robert’s Construction may be a better choice.
  • Will you have an online presence? A necessity in todays world.
  • Is your name of choice available ? See if the domain name is available and if not find one that fits and register it.
  • Find an attorney that has experience in your area of business.
  • An accountant is a good idea; also someone experienced in your business type.
  • Be sure your licensing and tax situation is in order.

                         Location Can

               Make Or Break A Business

  • Find an experienced local business realtor – can save you time, money and unseen mistakes.
  • If you are starting a service company that works remotely, such as a plumber, carpenter or landscaper your location can be in a general area and not on Main St.
  • If you need people to come to you then you need to be where the people are. A medical practice needs less traffic than a retail store and a business that needs a lot of foot traffic will need to be where the people are. The more traffic the higher the price per square foot you’ll pay. Research is key here; hence the business realtor.

   Your Small Business Start-Up

Will Need A Legal Entity

** here the advice of both an attorney and an account is necessary.

  • 60% of small business start-ups in 2017 were Sole Proprietors – If you work for yourself, by yourself, then in all likelihood this is how you will file your taxes. If you are a writer, a speaker, a barber or hair dresser this is your probable course.
  • Many small businesses form a LLC ( limited liability company ) – as the name suggests this removes some of the businesses liabilities from you personally.
  • A corporation or an S-corp are other legal forms.

                    Financing Your Business

  • Many small businesses self finance or turn to family and friends. Be careful, do your research and be as sure as you can before you risk your money or money from your circle. I’m not saying you shouldn’t borrow from this group as most likely they’ll want to help and may even be eager to invest in your business. Everything is a risk but research and a good plan will provide a solid foundation.
  • The larger the startup the more likely you’ll need to find outside investors. Be prepared.
  • Your business plan will have to be fleshed out with the help of your accountant. The bank will expect to see your projections and forecasts in a format and language they’ll understand. And because you say something is so, that’s not enough; facts, figures and history will be very important.
  • How much is enough ? Big question, no easy answer. The most often quoted answer here is 110 – 125 % of what you think you’ll need. Having been through the process 4 times myself I’d have to agree.

                         Setting Up Shop

  • Your location, your plans and your money are all in place. Another checklist, the details of running You inc. on a daily basis needs to be completed. Each business has it is own set of details to be completed. Your job here is, yet again, research and check off the boxes.

    Marketing Your Small Business Start Up

  • You have your marketing plan
  • You’ve networked your friends and family
  • Shop signage
  • Handouts
  • Brochures and fliers
  • Website up and running
  • Social media in place (hopefully a 30-day countdown to your opening )
  • A soft opening for those involved in your business
  • A grand opening, with press if appropriate.
  • Give aways and prizes.

*  A good reference book here is – Small Business Hacks – by Barry Moltz & Rieva Lesonsky

    It feels so good to be ” In Business”


                  SMALL BUSINESS – A GOOD IDEA ?

If you’re thinking of starting a small business this year – 2019 – you’ll have plenty of company. According to the SBA, US Small Business Administration – there were 30.2 million small businesses in the US in 2018. That number represents 99.9% of registered businesses; employing 58.9 million people which is 47.5% of total US employees.

So according to those numbers you won’t be alone in the world of small business. As a matter of fact if you choose to be in business for and by yourself ie you’re the only employee you will be in a group of 23 million people. In total 89.6% of businesses in the US last year had 20 or fewer employees.

For a moment let’s continue to look at some numbers. There are over 8,680,000 small business employees in health care & social services. Another 7,997,654 in accommodation and food services. These are the two bigs of the smalls.


If you are like me then you think these outfits aren’t small. All of the above information is cited in the SBA Small Business Profile from 2018. When I think of small business, especially small business start-ups I visualize a landscaper, a plumber, hair dresser, UBER driver, dance instructor, restaurant owner and now more than ever a person working from home on their computer. I am also thinking about those of us that self fund the enterprise or maybe reach out to friends and family for start up money.

Sixty-four % of small business start with $10,000 or less in seed money ( this from Some additional stats from Fits Small Business –

  • 55% of new small businesses last 5+ years
  • 52% are home based
  • these businesses make up 55% of all employees
  • 38% are woman owned
  • 72% (seems low) have a website
  • 96% employ social media

I wanted to show you all the numbers so you knew that not only are you not alone in starting a small business but that you will be part of a great community. Small business people love what they do ( I’m proof of that ) and they love to share and lift up others.

In the coming weeks I will be posting on the following topics:

  • Mission Statements – Who and what you and your company are and will be.
  • Business plans – can’t reach the finish line if you don’t now how to get there
  • Finding an ideal location
  • Choosing an online niche and presence
  • Funding your new business
  • The legal structure of your business
  • Hiring professionals – accountants and attorneys
  • Choosing a name
  • Setting up your website
  • Your domain name
  • Setting up a professional email address                                                                                    Mgmt Team                                                                     
  • Finding products                                                      Our
  • Pricing                                                                Management
  • Making a real budget                                             Team
  • Taxes …oh my…
  • Insurance
  • Handling the money
  • Customer relations
  • Growing your business

If this list seems overwhelming it is …and it isn’t. How do you eat an elephant … bite at a time. If starting your own business was easy everybody would do it. I think most of the people that fail do so because they didn’t have a plan or a mentor to help them progress from one step to the next.

I do have a tremendous amount of information and materials to share but I didn’t want to drop it all on you at one time. Please leave a comment or request some help and I’ll be there for you.

When Is The Best Time To Open a Small Business?

             When is the best time to open a small business ?

Spring time, of course

Summer – everyone is out and about

Definately just before the holidays

January; 1st month of the year

        Well, you guessed it, all of these and any of these are the

                                     the best time ….if –


You’ve done your homework (research and more research)

You have your funding in place – do you know how much you’ll need 

Online business – is your idea trending 

Is your niche a solid one

Brick & Mortar – have you secured the optimum location

Do you need or have a partner

Employees – how do you find them

Chosen the right legal entity

Addressed tax and licensing issues  

Evaluated the competition

Discussed with your family

Know where to go when you don’t know where to go

Do you have an exit stratergy….should you 

Are you ready ?  Are you ?  Now ?   Is now the right time ?  In the end only you or your team can make that decision. The number of factors are many and they vary according to the type and size of new startup.  Is yours a one person business or will you be a corporation with many employees and a corporate board ?

Well there are so many questions, so many important decisions that it may seem that your idea may never get off the ground. Many don’t, usually for a good reason. Most often owing to the fact that they don’t have or know the answers to one or more of the questions posed above.

Let me provide you with a resource for an affiliate marketing program which I recommend whether you are a newbie or a veteran looking for the best group available – CLICK HERE & ENJOY !

We Know Everything.……not even close but we know where to go to get the info and help you need. So if you have a question or are in search of some help or direction please look us up or send an email to

2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – FREE TRIAL

Who Gives A Free Trial ?

Only a company that knows it’s the real deal. Heading into 2019 Wealthy Affiliate has proven to be the best of the bunch in affiliate marketing. Been around for 15 years – they have walked the walk.

This Wealthy Affiliate review is biased ! I tell you this upfront. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I love it. I’m also a bottom line, no BS kind of person. I don’t want you or anyone to try to sell me …well OK you can mention it, ask once but DO NOT try to shove something down my throat without my even providing an opportunity to evaluate the product.

Wealthy Affiliate Offers A Free Trial.

That’s right. They put it right out there. You want proof ? Come on in, no charge – spend a week poking around. Connect with ownership, experienced marketers and newbies. Ask your questions. Want to chat up people from across the world you’ll find many. There are more than 195 countries in the community. Need advice on a particular issue or even a simple question ? Why not go right to the top and begin a conversation with the owners ! This doesn’t happen anywhere but here…want to talk to ownership, just reach out.


1. Did I mention it’s free to join ? Well so I did but there’s more. Once you have looked around and made your decision about WA you can choose to move up to a premium membership ($49 monthly). This affords a complete arsenal of tools to move your new business from start up to an income producing website. Once on board you can decide to lower your monthly payment by choosing the annual membership. If at any time you decide WA is not for you – you can cancel your account …but few do.

2. Excellent Training. Coaching, mentors, community support…yes,yes,yes. If you’ve tried other companies or most any online training you know how important support is. Wealthy Affiliate has 24 /7 support and it’s included in your membership. You have 24 hour access to other members across the planet – you can ask questions, give and take opinions and take part in group discussions and training webinars. The average response time is less than 2 minutes !

3. Design & Build Your Website – Video presentations are available every step of the way. If you’d rather read it than see it, it’s all there for you. The community and all the web sits are Word Press based. There are over 3,000 themes available to choose from. The training is simple, direct and well-thought-out. There are tools and widgets to assist you on your learning curve ….it’s your course, go at your own rate.

4. Find A Niche . Not sure about what you want to focus on ? This is truly a strength at Wealthy Affiliates. If you’re here, here you have at least an idea of what you want to do. The program and the community will help you narrow it down to a niche that will fit your interests and make your site highly marketable. And then there is Jaaxy ! Jaaxy will be your go to source for research and it’s part of you platform.

5. The WA Community Works Together – From new first time members to ownership this is truly a community of people reaching out to help one another. You’ll find people from all walks of life, all ages, and all corners of the world involved together helping each other, celebrating successes and lifting others up with them. WA has 1.4 million members.

6. Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME ! This is not a program where you get rich overnight – are there really any of those ? This is work. You have to put the time in. There is a system and very organized plan to follow to put you in a position to make a very good living. Have people done well after 2 months – sure have – but most folks take a little more time. There is no magic – if you do the work you will make money. Last year alone WA members had 217,000 start-ups.

7. One Stop Shop – Everything you need is right here ! Need a writing platform ? Looking for content help ? Keywords, long tail keywords, what’s trending ? Help center ? Live events ? Check, Check and Check Again ! It’s all at WA and You Choose how fast you want to go – learn at your own pace.

8. Support – I mention this a lot. I do because it’s so very important. Unless you grew up a techie you’re probably scared to death of being overwhelmed – I was (scared). In the past I had so much trouble trying to learn my way around a new program. Frustration was always just around the corner as I bumbled my way along. Now, I’m sure I haven’t gotten any smarter, but this is a piece of cake ! Actually I did have some roadblocks but whenever I did there was someone there to help!

9. Consistency – Don’t you just hate it when they tell you one thing (the price) and before you know it’s changed. Not at Wealthy Affiliates – when you’you’re in your”re in – the price is the price! What does change, however, are improvements and updates. If there is an add-on or an improvement available it’s a done deal.

10. MONEY ! – Wealthy Affiliate shows you how to make money ! There are more than 2.8 billion people shopping on the internet – last year more than 6 Billion dollars was earned via the net. There is a long solid proven history here. If you go to their website and look at what they have done and what they are doing new in 2019 you will indeed have a

                                                  HAPPY NEW YEAR !

So that’s my 2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Do I like this company ? By now you know I do and I know you will too. So take a free ride and you’ll see that Wealthy Affiliate may be the best thing that happens to you in 2019 !

Should you start a small business ?

Are you insane ?  You’ll be on your own. What if something goes wrong ? Do you have any idea what you’re getting yourself into ? It’s just way, way too much work.  Are you aware how many small business start ups fail ?  Don’t you know that….. pick one….. 90 %, 50%, 63%, 31% or 109% of small businesses fail.

Scary ? Can be.

Can you do it ?  Maybe.

Should you try ?  Definitely !

Well the only percentage that we know for sure is that 100% of the people that don’t try fail.  If you’ve found this page then you have thought about starting your own business.  Has it been just recently, last year ….or perhaps it’s been a decade.

What should you do ?  You should do your homework.  Research, research and research some more.  Make your mistakes on paper.  Ask questions, seek experienced advice, talk to the people that are doing what you’d like to do.  

Folks love to help.  Most people that own a small business are very proud of what they have built.  They want to share their successes and, believe it or not, most will even share their mistakes. Why not learn from their mistakes before it costs you time and money ?

Please read my “about me” page.  I have a lot of experience, I have enjoyed both exciting triumphs and crushing set-backs.  Just writing that makes my tummy ache, it truly does and I don’t want your tummy to suffer needlessly.  

What I remember most clearly,however, and think about more frequently are the good times.  The little things that made a big difference and the even smaller things that accumulated over time and have had a huge impact.

I love small business.  I love small business people.

Sure there is money to be made; sometimes a great deal of money but more than anything I love the way of life, that feeling of accomplishment that comes along each day as you grow your business.

We are here to help.  You’ll find many links over the coming months that will educate, direct, and guide you along your path to small business success.